Happy easter even with Corona!

Humanity and solidarity in difficult times!

We are in a changing world in which many people are worried, whether for fear of the virus, for fear of personal economic or social consequences due to the “lockdown” and other intervening measures, or for fear of a global economic crisis, etc. In spite of this, I wish you happy Easter and hope you enjoy being close to your loved ones and that you can gain something positive in times of “grounding”. In this time, I am particularly impressed of the people who show solidarity, for example go shopping for old and sick people or help sports clubs or the small book or game shop on the corner to survive through fundraisers. We can only master this challenge together and in solidarity. My practice team and I are there for you as much as possible in “contact-minimizing mode” and treat you at the usual high level. Unfortunately, our hands are sometimes tied. Due to the official order, no elective operations are currently being carried out, as the capacities for any corona patients must be kept free. We ask for your understanding.

Happy Holidays and all the best! Stay healthy!

Dr. Mahn and Team